Thursday, January 27, 2011

Following a Follower

We come across motivation quotes insisting us to hold our self during times of tide. We are guided by great people who incite the fire within us to follow our dreams, to not give up our hope and aspiration (blah blah). But, have you ever noticed how the path we follow towards the dream is forgotten or rather we lose our path. Hence, the fascination towards following and different combinations we try in between our path to be and actual path made me write about whether we are following our dreams or some other follower.

In general we don’t follow our dreams. We follow ideas, follow suggestions, follow our ego, and follow path taken by others. Ideas are not hard to come by compared to their actions. We speak, criticize, comment and suggest. Neither do we lose our energy nor do we move an inch forward but still we do that. We follow the situation that demands us to be smart and be verbal. (Are we a critic?, have we acted upon that ? )  Certainly, not. We are just in a trap that demands us to show or verbosity just to get an edge over others. We follow suggestions (do this, do that) and we sometimes follow them and sometimes retaliate. (Are we lost? are we incapable of being decisive?). We at times follow our ego and that leads to us being all around. We try to be what we are not but just cause it satisfies us for a short period of time we lose our self and start following what is not meant to be our and doesn't belong to us. We often trace path followed by others drawing a line comparing others and making it a benchmark. Doing this we completely come off the track and get onto the path followed by him/her and hence, when we look back we might have traced a zigzag path. Either that results in us being lost or we feel incomplete. Most of the times we do this or at least I did that.

What we forget is that all this time we have been going farther and farther from our real self. You might have seen in movies how a protagonist after initial hesitation to adjust at a place turns into one of their kind. Adjustment is good but when it transforms your real self will only result in putting you miles from your destination. It’s good to follow others but not for deciding destination but to get going. May be your path is a bumpy ride but you have a confirmed ticket to your destination. On the contrary you might have a luxurious ride in between but does it guarantee your timely arrival? God knows. So hang on a righteous path however hard it may be keeps your destination intact.
If you look around you will find people have stopped going for what makes them happy but instead switch on to means that make them happy. Biggest of them all is money. I won’t go around money but only state that money will follow those who follow themselves. We never thought of money right from our childhood but once it’s in our hand in plenty we start following it. All we thought of our destinations but never money and sooner or later when it’s at our doorstep instead of being a host to it, we become its guest. So, it depends on money afterwards that for how long it wants to play a host. So, if you set your sight right and let go other distractions you would surely be followed by others. (There's no shortage of followers but guidance for sure).

So, before it gets too long I would like you to look back (money, skill, others) and look at present and look forward if your destination is intact well and good but if not, you still have all the time in the world to believe in yourself and be on your destined path at this moment.

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